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Discount offer: CAIMAN, Powerful dirt-dissolving universal pre-detergent, 3+2 x 25 kg

CAIMAN is a powerful and multi-functional alkaline pre-cleaner that can be used in a range of application areas. It can be applied in wash systems as a general and economical pre-cleaner, as an insect remover and as an alkaline rim detergent.

(Promotion package consists of 5 x CH11025)


Instructions for use:
According to the VDA seal class B it shall be applied with a dilution of 01:20.

It shall take effect for 1 minute maximum and be rinsed with clear water.

Do not apply on hot surfaces and do not let dry!

In the pre-spray device:

It is diluted 1:50 up to 1:100 with water and sprayed on the parts that need to be cleaned by means of a sprayer (available from Christ).

Recommended dilution:
Pre-spray device: 1:50 to 1:100

High-pressure device: 1:10 to 1:30

Dosing pump: pure

Consumption per vehicle:
5 to 20 ml


Promotion package CAIMAN 2024: 3+2 x 25 kg canister


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